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Technical Drawings
UK and European Production
Shop Fitting & Installation



Project: WD40

Brief: To design a POS stand that can promote the new range of product, give bullet points and info about the product but also hold enough stock.

Rubix Approach: Rubix designed, prototyped and in 2014 producing over 400 off display stands for the UK market.

July 2014 an order was placed and distributed across Europe.

Concepts, Visual Design, Prototype, Production, Project Management, Transportation.

Quantity: over 400 units (UK and Europe)



Project: Motul Oil Stand

Brief: To display an exciting new range of motorcycle Oils to compete with today’s market.

The display had to be massively impactful especially in a busy retail shop / work-shop/

Rubix Approach: Rubix designed, prototyped and in have made over 80 display stands for the UK market.

Currently we are also now looking at a Global Brand display for the Motul brand.

Concepts, Visual Design, Prototype, Production, Project Management, Transportation.

Quantity: Over 80 stands across the UK


French Connection

Project: In-store Fine-line Jewellery Solutions

Brief: To produce a sympathetic range of fixtures to suit delicate fine-line jewellery and home accessories.

Rubix Approach: Rubix were asked to take a design, source all the special materials and manufacture all the equipment ready for roll-out.

Wood, Stainless Steel, Fabric and Upholstery

Prototypes, full production handling, delivery and installation.


Project: Clothing Brand

Brief: To design a branded display fixture to enhance our clients brand and products.

Rubix Approach: After just a few basic sketches and visuals we seemed to grasp exactly what our client were after, to come up with a stand which could be easily assembled on-site and stood out against every other stand in-store.

Brand awareness was our aim, so a monitor screen was added to tell the customer the full story of what Draggin Jeans was all about. Areas for smaller products were included by using mesh panel ends and hanging bars to accommodate all products and branding equipment (mannequins).

Concepts, Visual Designs, Prototypes, Production, Packaging + Assembly Instructions, Storage and Transportation (UK, New Zealand and Australia) – Complete Project Management.


Project: Jewellery and Woman’s Clothing Accessories

Brief: To prototype and roll-out a large number of large number of display stands and store equipment.

Rubix Approach: Rubix were asked to take a design/concept already signed off internally and handle the full project from start to finish.

Wood, metal, acrylic and special finishes were used on this project.

Prototypes, full production handling with a specific chemical finish of each stand, storage, delivery and installation into over 250 UK and European shops.

Muc Off

Project: Muc-Off FSDU

Brief: The stand had to be fresh, impactful, have huge store presence, carry stock and also hold accessories.

Rubix Approach: We started off with 6 initial concept ideas based on look and budget, the final design ended up being a mixture of 3 designs.

A prototype was produced and after sign-off production has commenced and as of early 2013 over 400 off stands have been made and delivered.

Powder Coated Steel, Graphics and Header Illumination.

Design, Visualisation, Prototypes, full production handling, delivery



Project: Motorcycle Clothing + Accessories

Brief: To design a number of Retail Stands that has the flexibility to work in many size shops + individually budget led.

Rubix Approach: We designed a number of budget led displays in metal and wood to give our client the feel and look they were looking for.

Each unit was designed so it could be assembled in store and go out on an overnight courier service, so the weight factor really came into play to again keep our clients transport budgets to a minimum.

Concepts, Visual Designs, Prototypes, Production, Packaging + Assembly Instructions.


Project: Richa Exhibition Stand 2012-13-14

Brief: To design and build a multi-functional and flexible Exhibition Stand which can be updated but also the layout can be changed to suit the area / pitch.

Rubix Approach: Designed a Wall-Panel system that can be built to suit the area chosen, cladded off with painted panels for a clean and solid look.

Interchangeable graphics are easily attached and changed the look of the stand to suit the seasons.

Design and Build all took place within 5 weeks

Design, Visualisation, Layout Plans, H&S procedures, Build, Installation and Storage


Oxford Products

Project: Motorcycle Display Equipment

Brief: To develop a bespoke modular system that suits all our clients’ requirements.

Rubix Approach: We sat with our client to really work out there overall needs and requirements. We designed from scratch a complete modular system where a series of parts can be used to make many different styles of display stands.

Rubix designed, prototyped, fitted out our client’s showroom and EXPO stand, followed by a large annual production order with deliveries throughout 2011-12 on a call-off period to fulfil our clients roll-out requirements.

Concepts, Visual Designs, Prototypes, Trial Runs, Production, Assembly Instructions, Storage and Transportation – Complete Project Management.


Project: Kitchen Hardware

Brief: Rubix were asked for their technical help to develop a concept and put it into full production.

Rubix Approach: We worked alongside our client to help develop a series of counter-top units which could withstand the day to day consumer traffic.

Metal, print, vac-forming, fabricated acrylic, LCD Screen were all used on the 3 styles of hardware displays.

Prototypes, Production, Packaging and bulk Deliveries.